Dedicated Server Use Cases

For every different case and target group, offers the most suitable solution.

Dedicated Server Use Cases

Dedicated Server Use Cases

The availability of different variants of Server Hosting ensures that every customer can get the appropriate solution, and thus are especially useful for E-Commerce, gaming and streaming projects.
For every different case and target group, offers the most suitable solution. Below are some ways that organizations are using our bare metal servers today.

It is highly important to hire an online server in the cloud whenever you need to have effective online marketing for your website, application, intranet or any other type of your product or environment. We can support you by offering different types of servers in the form of dedicated, VPS or Shared and Reseller hosting.
We understand the necessity of stable platform as well as the availability of associated applications, websites and services of the clients and that's why we put all possible efforts to avoid interference by making our platform stable as much as possible. In case of failure to materialize, we are always available for 24/7 support to assist clients and get their problems resolved.

    • Rendering and Transcoding

      It may be highly challenging to convert audio and video from one format to another as well as full out presentation of video from software in terms of memory and processing power requirements. Hence a single-tenant dedicated hardware is most suitable option for these complex and taxing tasks.

      High Performance

      Of course your business demands top notch stability, performance, agility, flexibility as well as dependability. And all of these requirements are crucial for efficient performance of the business. Bare metal is the only solution that can offer your business all these features without any compromise.

      High Transaction E-Commerce

      The highly reliable, stable and flexible environment that ecommerce and retail websites require is offers only by dedicated servers. You can't rely on any old public cloud when downtime is not an option at all. In this case you can save yourself from the worries of downtime by deploying your mission critical shopping destination on its dedicated server.

    • Gaming and Game Serving

      Utilize 100% bare metal servers and built your multiplayer massive gaming worlds to offer your customers superb performance at excellent costs per processing cycle without any compromise on quality and performance.

      Shared Web Hosting

      Enjoy a highly powerful and ready to perform platform for your hosting websites by combining the dedicated servers' raw horsepower with control panels like cPanel/WHM or PLESK. This technique is utilized by most of the large hosting providers.

    • Software-as-a-Service Hosting

      When it comes to managing intense resource workloads like handling large growth periods and pushing out patches, a dedicated server can assist all SaaS firms in the most effective and efficient manner.

      Big Data and Large Databases

      For crunching large amount of relational and complex data, no server infrastructure is suited than dedicated servers. In addition to the functionality, for big data applications, these also offer better economics as you can anytime maximizes your memory and processing capabilities without paying additional costs. Such a fixed model that offers scalability and excellent growth scope, lets the big data to grow without limitations. Hosting relational and non-relational databases is one of the most traditional and common use cases for bare metal servers. Bare metal offers you the best combinations of compute power and raw horsepower whether you are using MySQL, Microsoft SQL or MongoDB.

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