Unmetered Server In Germany

We only use the best available technology for our Germany unmetered servers to ensure that we provide high-quality unmetered bandwidth to our customers.


Germany Unmetered Servers

With PraHost Germany Servers, you can avail unmetered bandwidth, as much as you want without the tension of overuse charges. This is best for budding enterprises, which do not need any fixed bandwidth every month. Our germany network strcture includes more than 60 Gbit of redundant network connections via De-Cix, Global Crossing, Tiscali, AM-SIX and other carriers which offer guarantee the perfect mix for maximum performance.

When you hire our services, you will not only get the reliability of industry leading hardware and state-of-the-art infrastructure along with N+2 Redundancy, but you will also get the care of our altruistic support. When it comes to quality, PraHost settles for nothing but the best. This is the reason that all our datacenters are equipped with hosting mechanisms and routers from leading names in the Industry like Cisco, Dell, HP and Intel.

All Servers Includes

  • Dedicated Uptime 99.98%
  • 24x7 Support 24/7
  • monthly hosting Monthly
  • Fast Bare Metal Robust
  • Branded Server Latest

Client Area Features

  • Linux Root Server OS Installation
  • Bare Metal Hosting Rescue Mode
  • Reboot Server Server Reboot
  • 1Gbps Bandwidth Bandwdith Information
  • Ipv4 Server Set rDNS

100Mbps & 1Gbps Unmetered Server

Test IPs - TeleCity

Model RAM HDD Bandwidth Port Data Center Starting At

HP DL120G7 / Intel Dual Core G850

4 GB 2x 250 GB SATA2 Unmetered 100 Mbit Unshared Telecity € 89.00 Order Now

Dell R210-II / Intel Xeon E3 1220

4 GB 2x 500GB SATA2 Unmetered 100 Mbit Unshared Telecity € 109.00 Order Now

HP DL120G7 / Intel Xeon E3 1230

8 GB 2x 500GB SATA2 Unmetered 100 Mbit Unshared Telecity € 109.00 Order Now

HP DL120G7 / Intel Xeon E3 1270

8 GB 2x 500GB SATA2 Unmetered 100 Mbit Unshared Telecity € 119.00 Order Now

IBM X3630 / 2x Intel Xeon E5620

8 GB 4x 1 TB SATA2 Unmetered 100 Mbit Unshared Telecity € 159.00 Order Now

HP DL380eG8 / 2x Intel Xeon E5-2420

8 GB 4x 1 TB SATA2 Unmetered 100 Mbit Unshared Telecity € 239.00 Order Now

Add-ons Available for Germany Server Hosting

  • Control Panels & Operating Systems
  • Server Management
  • Extra IPv4 IP Addresses


100 Domains

€ 32.00/mo


CentOS only

€ 12.00/mo

Plesk, 10 Domains

Linux only

€ 7.00/mo

Windows Server

2008 & 2012 R2 Web

€ 20.00/mo

Windows Server

2008 & 2012 R2 Std

€ 25.00/mo

Windows Server

2008 & 2012 R2 Ent / DC

€ 100.00/mo

cPanel based Server Management

Hardening & Security (One-Time Service) € 49/m
cPanel Recurring Management € 30/m

Extra 1x IPv4

Maximum 15IPs per Server

€ 3.00/mo

Hardening & Security

(One-Time Service)

€ 20.00/mo

Why Select Germany Dedicated Servers?

Netherlands 100TB server


Our connection with the leading telecom carriers across Europe acts as a catalyst for your business. You can easily connect with any telecom carrier as they have scattered data centers all over Europe and United States.

1Gbps Dedicated Server


Our Germany Server offers pro-level flexibility and multifaceted security. Our dedicated servers can be used by experienced professionals with root access and by total rookies in this field with the help of our selfless support.

Why client love PraHost? Real Service...Real Results

Still confused about our services? Read PraHost review by our existing clients.

Our German Servers display surpassed performance, scalability, site functioning, speed, and tag the guarantee of our Altruistic Support and 99.98% Server Uptime. Perfect for uninterrupted business activities. we are positioned to provide service to clients all over the world.