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Network Types

PraHost offers two network types customizations to its clients The Volume Network and The Premium Network.

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Network Types

When you choose PraHost, you are choosing 99.9999% Server Uptime and 1.5+ TBps of bandwidth availability for all your servers. Our tie-up with LeaseWeb Network, a prominent web hosting network in this field, ensures that we are able to keep our commitment towards reliability and quality.
Our recent tie-up with LeaseWeb has opened a lot of doors not only for us but also for our beloved clients across the world. With PraHost Hosting Services you get the unmatched flexibility of branded hardware and full power over network customization at any level you desire.

Customize Your Network the Way You Want With PraHost

There are two types of Network Customization options available to our clients, which are comprehensive of any kind of Bandwidth requirements that can arise during your online expeditions - The Volume Network Customization and Premium Network Customization.

The Volume Network

The Volume Network is appropriate for customers looking for lower cost servers. This network is a cost-effective collaboration of data-transit providers. The Premium Network on the other hand provides greater speed and more high class data-transit providers. Thus PraHost is able to meet all your requirements and give solutions that encompass enterprise business strategies to small business strategies.

To provide the highest quality of services possible, PraHost shall spontaneously route traffic to other network providers via private peering if a network already exists amongst the two. With the power of LeaseWeb's connectivity at bay and our connections with major Internet Service providers, in case there is a situation where a direct connection cannot be established, then the data will be automatically routed via a paid 3rd party data-transit provider from a list of Tier 1 data-transit providers for ultimate customer satisfaction.

The Volume Network encompasses one Tier 1 Transit Provider by default along with a select bunch of public and private peering on several exchange connections. This network is formulated for those businesses that do not require the heavily optimized and costly transit providers of the Premium Network.

The Premium Network

The Premium Network on the other hand is designed to fit into the molds of customers with extremely resource intensive applications which call for high redundancy and low latency, industry standard routing experience. All in all, this network is way more reliable and advanced than the Volume Network. This network uses a greater framework design and topology to accomplish unmirrored performance and dependability. Several Tier 1 data-transit providers are used which diversify the reach and flexibility of PraHosts bandwidth and network connectivity.

Primary Attributes That You Can Expect With Any PraHost Dedicated Servers

  • 99.9999% Network Uptime Guarantee
  • Redundant Core Routing constituted by Cisco and Juniper Hardware
  • Several 10GigE peering and transit uplinks
  • Various transit providers including - Telia Sonera, Global Crossing, Tata Telecom, Level 3 and more.
  • Connections with Internet Exchanges across Europe and US and many multiple private peering networks
  • Complete IPv6 Support along with native connectivity.

Things to Consider Before Selecting Your Network type and Bandwidth

You should keep this in mind that we connect your dedicated servers in our network with Cisco routing equipment to other networks (Internet Exchanges or Data-Transit Providers). To monitor the speed at which the data travels in your network, there is a choice of ports ranging from 100 Megabytes per second to 10 Gigabytes per second. These ports play a key role in monitoring and putting a cap on the traversed data on unlimited bandwidth networks.

Bandwidth controls the amount of data that your server will be able to deliver to the internet and from the internet over the course of time. This requirement varies from company to company and size of the websites. If you are unsure about what Bandwidth requirements will be best suited for you. Get in touch with PraHost customer support today and they will help you customize and select a dedicated server with appropriate bandwidth for your business. All our services are freely scalable so you can upgrade or degrade them in future according to your needs and budget.

A few more things that you must consider before selecting a dedicated server for optimum bandwidth and server speed is the location of the server, available power and the security measures of the server. It is not all about getting the best bandwidth solutions after all, the backend needs to be carefully scrutinized. The environment in which your server will be placed plays a key role the long run of our adventure. Proper atmosphere may always facilitate best equipment that guarantees durability and consistency. After checking these prerequisites you can select an appropriate bandwidth for your dedicated servers. Let's start now.

What is Bandwidth

Bandwidth can be explained in layman terminology as the traffic used by services such as dedicated servers and cloud hosting over the period of a month. PraHost calculates a client's bandwidth by estimating the about of data that their server travels in and out during a one month period in the form of Terabytes.


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