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Dedicated Servers Netherlands

PraHost offers Netherlands servers with maximum speed and performance at minimum latency around the clock.

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Dedicated Servers Netherlands

PraHost strives to live up to its commitment for quality and unmatched performance through its Netherland Dedicated Servers. This is only possible through the branded hosting (Cisco, Intel, Dell, and HP) and modern facilities that we keep updating across all our Data Centers. When you select Netherland servers, you are selecting a reputable icon of performance and stability. Coupled with our selfless support, we are undoubtedly masters in our field of business.

Our NL servers are perfectly scalable for all sorts of business operations. Whether you are looking to set large-scale ecommerce operations into motion and host for billions of visitors to your platform or are looking to expand your mid-sized business, slow, but stead - Our Netherland dedicated servers are best fit for every need. We assure speed, reliability, security, and best performance through our Netherlands Dedicated Servers.

Netherlands Dedicated Servers

We offer two kinds of servers - metered and unmetered servers. Our NL metered servers are scalable according to the budget and demands of online enterprises. We provide all kinds of hosting solutions and are confident that we can cater to your hosting demands. If you do not find what you are looking for in the table below, please get in touch with our customer care. If you want cost-effective servers that provide maximum bandwidth, PraHost Netherland Metered Servers is your best option.

We offer fast and reliable processor with a choice of 4 GB - 256 GB RAM and bandwidth of 5TB - 350 TB and a wide variety of Inter Processors. Our dedicated servers are compatible with all kinds of Operating Systems encompassing Windows and Linux. These types of servers are best used for hosting dedicated servers for Games and other applications, Websites with HUGE traffic and IMMENSE databases. Check out our preset Netherland Dedicated Metered Servers below.

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Metered Servers

Standard Netherlands Metered Dedicated Servers come with 5TB of monthly bandwidth. These are cost-effective solutions against great bandwidth.


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Netherlands Unmetered Servers are suitable for businesses which do not want to put a cap on their bandwidth limit with choice of ports starting at 100 MBps.


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Introducing Netherlands 100TB Servers for businesses that require massive bandwidth and lightning fast data transfer rates across their networks.


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Small-sized to Mid-sized businesses can take the best of our Netherlands Dedicated server overstocks as we offer them at lucrative and cost-efficient rates.


All our dedicated servers are unmanaged and come with Basic SLA, which can be upgraded to four advanced levels.

With PraHost, another advantage you have is that you can pay-as-you-go. This means that we provide all our servers on monthly contracts or long term at your discretion. This saves you from unnecessarily jamming your money in one corner and growing your business. As your operations scale up, so can you scale the servers according to your needs. Upgrading your servers with us is a piece of cake. We will level up your hardware and server in a matter of hours without any significant downtimes.

It may sound a bit repetitive, but our 99.9999% network uptime has taken most of our clients by surprise. It may be hypothetical to think of such service at our offered rates, but we revel in these impossible traits and this is just one of our qualities to name a few. We understand the importance of the preservation of our clients business. It is in your success that we try to find our own success. We try to keep ourselves and our Data Centers updated to maximize the full potential of current opportunities. When you choose PraHost Netherland Dedicated Servers, you can be rest assured that you have opted for excellent servers that are never going to let you down.

Enjoy extreme speed, concentrated performance, surpassed efficiency and sightless confidence with PraHost NL Dedicated servers. If you want to invest in hosting services that never let you worry about the upkeep of your online establishment, then our servers is what you need.

Custom Dedicated Servers

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our standard dedicated server packages that means you are looking for specialized DS solutions. You can get in touch with our IT experts to design a custom server solution that perfectly fits your business model - be it in terms of bandwidth and speed or in terms of budget. Every server you see on this website can be customized according to your requirements.

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Special Offer Servers

Take a look at our Special section to find the latest trending deals on our dedicated servers. We keep giving our clients an incentive to work with us, by providing lucrative deals from time to time. Bargain servers are best for taking advantage of our previous overstocks. These types of serves best suit SMBs to Mid-Sized businesses. Please take note that Bargain Servers are subject to stock availability. Offers only apply till stocks last.

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