Dedicated Server Hosting

Prahost use geographically separated core routers they are interconnected to our datacetners in Amsterdam - Netherlands, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf - Germany, UK and U.S.


Dedicated Servers

PraHost offers you the Dedicated Server, also known as bare metal servers is actually a physical server that is managed by us and is utilized exclusively for your website, ecommerce, gaming or streaming project.
We use geographically separated core routers they are interconnected to our datacetners in Amsterdam - Netherlands, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf - Germany, UK and U.S. which offer you uptime of 99.98% and bandwidth over 5.5 TBps.

Our dedicated servers are located in top-tire, iso certified data centers across the globe to offer first-class connectivity to all European, Asia, U.S. access and network providers.
We use branded hardware's for Germany and Netherlands servers from some of the leading names in the industry like Cisco, HP and Intel. All servers are customizable for Memory, HDD, Bandwidth and Port Speeds with a choice of reliable and fast Intel processors along with 4GB to 256GB RAM and bandwidth ranging from 10TB, 100TB and unmetered with 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps port. If you have an Ecommerce or mission critical website, a PraHost Dedicated Server is the ideal choice for you.


Netherlands Server

Located at EvoSwitch datacenter in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Servers comes with 3 different bandwidth plans to choose with 24x7 support and customizable hardware.


Germany Server

Hosted at Telehouse datacenter in Frankfurt and Equinix datacenter in Dusseldorf, Germany. Servers are covered by our SLA and offers you 99.98% uptime.


UK Server

Hosted at level 3 datacenter in Coventry and blusesquare datacenter in Maidenhead. They are connected to multiple 10GB/s uplinks and provide 24x7 support.

starting from

  • 59.00 /

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Unmetered Servers

100Mbit & 1Gbps Port

100Tb Servers

1Gbps Port
More Dedicated Servers in UK

Fully Customizable hardware
Exactly as you required

PraHost's dedicated servers afford you the luxury of adapting different configurations to serve your particular needs when it comes to RAM, bandwidth, hard drives and many others. You are spoilt with two options- a preconfigured dedicated server that is instantly deployed in an 24 hour or less, or one that can be customized as desired.
Choose from Latest Intel processors, 4GB to 512GB RAM, SATA2 - SAS - SSD Hard disks and 100Mbit - 1Gbps - 10Gbps bandwidth ports.


Uncompromising performance

PraHost's dedicated servers come with an abundance of raw power thanks to enterprise-class technologies and hardware. They are designed to manage the most demanding processing tasks and workloads that are disk I/O intensive, such as colossal databases and large data analytics, plus others, such as latency sensitive ones, like e-commerce and gaming. Unquestionable performance, high security, scalability and flexibility of virtualization are all features you can look forward to.


Server Provisioning and Support

Our engineers are always on standby, and can be reached by email, phone, or online chat through the Customer Portal in case of support or new server provisioning. A big advantage of dedicated servers is their high customizability. They can be built exactly the way you need them. Our inventories are vast, and for these reason, we can deliver dedicated servers on a demand basis in 24hr or upto 5 working days from single server to multiple servers.


Full Control in your hands

We have made control very easy with an intuitive customer portal that allows you to control every aspect of your hosting in one interface. All automated backed services are within your reach so you can conduct OS reloads, IP management, server reboots, data traffic and reverse DNS management. We appreciate the importance of scalability it is the reason we offer contracts on a month-to-month basis for our servers so you can only pay for what you need, at the time you need it.


Security is a priority, secure data centers

Our servers are located in one of nine highly connectedm secure ISO certified data centers. Everything about their environment is carefully controlled- from the location like its accessibility, capacity and cooling, power density and redundancy. As a result, you are assured of security, efficiency as well as resiliency.