Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Our Dedicated Servers are hosted in more than 5 Datacenters in Europe & 2 data centers in Asia. Equipped with enterprise Intel & HP hardware and highly stable networks. Offers guaranteed low ping bandwidth & premium support at affordable price.

High Bandwidth 100TB Dedicated Server Hosting

Fast and Reliable Dedicated Servers

PraHost offers you the Dedicated Server, also known as bare metal servers is actually a physical server that is managed by us and is utilized exclusively for your website, ecommerce, gaming or streaming project. Our range of Reliable Hosting Solutions provide a secure webhosting environment for your company's requirements.
Our dedicated servers are located in ISO Certified Data Centers across the globe to offer first-class connectivity to all Europe, Asia and USA access and network providers.

Hosting Cheap Dedicated Servers Europe

    Exceptional for off-site backup apps, high traffic websites, storage or heavy users of bandwidth such as live HD streaming on 100Tb dedicated server.

We use geographically separated core routers they are interconnected to our datacetners in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, London, Singapore and Hong Kong which offer you 99.98% core network uptime and total bandwidth over 5.5 TBps. We use branded hardware from leading international manufacturers like Cisco, HP and DELL for dedicated servers.
If you have an Ecommerce or mission critical website, a PraHost Dedicated Server is the ideal choice for you.

All Servers Includes

  • Dedicated Uptime 99.98%
  • 24x7 Support 24/7
  • monthly hosting Monthly
  • Fast Bare Metal Robust
  • Branded Server Latest

Client Area Features

  • Linux Root Server OS Installation
  • Bare Metal Hosting Rescue Mode
  • Reboot Server Server Reboot
  • 1Gbps Bandwidth Bandwdith Information
  • Ipv4 Server Set rDNS

Browse Our High-Performance Dedicated Root Server Hosting in Europe

Get Highest Level of Performance and Security for your ecommerce or mission critical website by PraHost Dedicated Servers.


Netherlands Dedicated Server

Located at EvoSwitch datacenter in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Servers comes with 3 different bandwidth plans to choose with 24x7 support and customizable hardware.

Offshore Germany Server

Germany Dedicated Server

Hosted at Telehouse datacenter in Frankfurt and Equinix datacenter in Dusseldorf, Germany. Servers are covered by our SLA and offers you 99.98% uptime.

UK Dedicated Hosting

UK Dedicated Server

Hosted at level 3 datacenter in Coventry and blusesquare datacenter in Maidenhead. They are connected to multiple 10GB/s uplinks and provide 24x7 support.

Why client love PraHost? Real Service...Real Results

Still confused about our services? Read PraHost review by our existing clients.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider in Europe

Select the most effective configuration meeting your needs and add any additional options required: firewall, load balancer, private network switches and the SLA package best suited for you. PraHost will arrange the configuration and placement of your selected servers in one of our state-of-the-art data centers.


10 Years Of Experience

PraHost, A Reliable Server Hosting provider from India Founded in 2008. PraHost works fully independently & requires no financial institution's back up.


High Network Availability

Our fully redundant network architecture offers no single point of failure, with a core network uptime of 99.98%. Get high availability Dedicated Servers.


24/7 On-site Technical Support

Our Altruistic Support are there to assist you 24x7 days of the year. They never takes a holiday and never gives up on helping clients.


Customizable Dedicated Server

PraHost offers you fully custom build dedicated servers. Hardware upgades can be done with minimum downtime.


On-Demand Deployment

Our inventories are vast, and for these reason, we can provision fast dedicated servers in 2hr - upto 5 working days from single server to multiple servers.


Secure Data Centers

Our Premium dedicated servers are located in secured ISO certified data centers. As a result, you are assured of security, efficiency as well as resiliency.