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Cpanel Server Management

Get push button control over the way your server behaves with the help of PraHost cPanel Server Management.

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cPanel Server Management

Experience all-out efficiency of your dedicated server and manage your content with ease along with other added benefits of the cPanel administration from PraHost. Our cPanel streamlines and automates the management of your server by giving a push button control panel to any domain names you align with your server.

Make The Best Use of cPanel Management from PraHost

You can easily manage even the seemingly intricate aspects of a dedicated server through PraHost cPanel management. Our cPanel is designed to help you simplify the administration of your server and control things like monitoring traffic, traffic behavior, advanced controls, rebooting or shutting down servers and much more from the comfort of your control panel.

Extract the full potential of your servers by making use of the WHM (Web Host Manager) interface that tags along with the cPanel management solutions. The chief purpose of web host managers is to perform advanced administrative tasks, which would otherwise be very complicated without a cPanel.

We offer expert cPanel Management services to our clients. Take a look at some of the most important features of our cPanel Management that we have listed below.

cPanel Setup BundleOne time service

  • Hardening & Security
  • -
  • -
  • 7 Days Support
  • -
  • -

€ 59.00 /month

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Reactive cPanelRecurring Management

  • Hardening & Security
  • Basic Optimization
  • -
  • Unlimited Support
  • OS / Software updates on req
  • 1hr response time

€ 49.00 /month

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Proactive cPanelRecurring Management

  • Hardening & Security
  • Pro Optimization
  • Monitoring
  • Unlimited Support
  • Auto OS / Software update
  • 30min response time

€ 69.00 /month

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  • Installing and configuring cPanel to make it user ready and setting up name servers.
  • Debugging, upgrades, server updates and management through your WHM
  • Unmetered server administration hours at no added charges
  • Added server migration services at affordable rates. Give us your root logins for both cPanels, sit back and relax.
  • Uninterrupted support and upgrades for cPanel software. Installation free as well.
  • Hardened security system that removes common server vulnerabilities found in most systems
Apart from the basics, we offer multifaceted server security protocols for hardening the defense of our servers.
  • Rootkit program to detect malicious activities and third party infiltration within system
  • Rootkit scanner to check for vulnerable backdoors and security exploits in your system
  • Setup and upgrade of SSH servers for secure connection between remote servers.
  • Advanced and Config Server Firewalls to protect resources during inter server transit.
  • Brute Force Detection technology to stop hackers from illegitimate brute force password cracking.
  • Around the clock service monitoring to check everything is running and restart dormant services automatically.
  • Remove old and unused software and update outdated software automatically
  • Automatic notification system which notify you of all security changes or vulnerabilities that are un-tweaked in the server
  • Password scanner prevents setup of easy to guess passwords which increases server reliability and security.
If the above is not reason enough for you to vouch for our services, consider a look at our technical strengths that you can avail.
  • Complete server setup, migration assistance and OS re-install.
  • Installation and configuration of cPanel.
  • Superfast server restoration and troubleshooting problem sectors in case of unpredicted downtime.
  • 24x7x365 Server Monitoring, Backup creation and Maintenance and reports of defective hardware.
  • Tuning and maintenance of Firewall and Antivirus.
  • Apache and Mail server tweaks.
  • Upgrading and patching Operating System and cPanel.
  • Upgrading and tweaking kernel


When we say that our dedicated servers are fully customizable, we mean it - From the choice of Operating System to mainstream hosting equipment, everything falls under your discretion. After your server is setup, you can manage your dedicated servers the way you want and work towards your business milestones.

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