High performance and stability Dedicated Servers in Europe

: PraHost provides a dedicated server in Europe that is famous for high performance and stability, and it is provided in a reliable cost for clients.


Dedicated Server In Europe

Organizations have several choices when it comes to dedicated servers in Europe. Dedicated servers are available in major hosting destination countries like Netherlands and Germany. Datacenters in Europe are equipped with the best security, power backup, and monitoring technologies. All advanced server hardware is easily available for leasing in European datacenter, which makes the continent a thriving market for dedicated servers based web hosting solutions for organizations.

We deploy the most advanced hardware, proven effective datacenter operation and security best practices, and package it all together in the form of business friendly plans, delivering the best of end to end dedicated server solutions for businesses across the globe.


Netherlands Server

Located at EvoSwitch datacenter in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Servers comes with 3 different bandwidth plans to choose with 24x7 support and customizable hardware.


Germany Server

Hosted at Telehouse datacenter in Frankfurt and Equinix datacenter in Dusseldorf, Germany. Servers are covered by our SLA and offers you 99.98% uptime.


UK Server

Hosted at level 3 datacenter in Coventry and blusesquare datacenter in Maidenhead. They are connected to multiple 10GB/s uplinks and provide 24x7 support.

starting from

  • € 59.00 /

  • mo free setup

Unmetered Servers

100Mbit & 1Gbps Port

100Tb Servers

1Gbps Port
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What Benefits Do Dedicated Server in Europe Offer Your Business?


Flexibility and Ease of Customization

A dedicated server offers you unmatched flexibility in terms of the customizing you need done in the server, right from the operating system to the CPU, RAM, and disk space. You can deploy the platforms and software that you want, rather than adjusting to the defaults in place in a shared hosting arrangement.


Superior Performance

Even the most advanced cloud storage solution will not match the power that our dedicated server can offer. With most cloud based systems, performance is limited because of the limitations around scaling disk input-output. On the contrary, even a single dedicated server with RAID 10 can outperform the most complex of cloud offerings, giving powerful performance capabilities to your business applications. With exclusive access to the dedicated servers storage and computing resources, your web applications and websites get all the resources they want.


Software That Empowers You

Whether youre looking for Windows or Linux operating system, we have you covered, with our dedicated server offerings. We can quickly set up the latest versions of server management operating systems such as MySQL (including MariaDB, Percona Server), Server, Exchange, Microsoft SQL, or any other OS you need. Plus, we can deploy industry recommended control panels with your dedicated server purchase. We will guide you on issues such as compatibility of control panels to operating systems.


Better Security For Your Valuable Digital Assets

Our dedicated server solutions are ideally suited for websites and web apps with increasing users. With dedicated hosting, you are assured that your data wont be in the same space as used by any spammy and malicious websites. Bad scripts running on any other websites can disrupt the operations of shared servers, and affect other websites sharing resources. With dedicated servers, theres no such problem. For websites that handle sensitive transactions, dedicated servers offer reliable hosting