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DDOS Protected Server

PraHost utilizes a range of advanced DDoS protection measures to safeguard your highly valuable resources around the clock.

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DDOS Protected Server

PraHost is committed to protecting your resources 24x7 against any kind of DDoS attack, irrespective of extent and size. Present day with cybercrime on the rise, we always follow the principal of 'prevention is better than cure.' Take a look at how we protect your servers from DDoS Attacks.

WHAT IS A DDoS Attack? What is PraHost's role?

All servers run the risk of being the victim of DDoS attacks and the worst part of DDoS attacks is that they do not just happen once. There are numerous attempts and attacks from various directions. A Distributed Denial of Service Attack can have a massively negative impact on the running of your business. It does not matter if you are a small business, e-commerce Company, large enterprise, or any government establishment. If your website has an Internet presence, then it is vulnerable to DDoS Attacks. It is essential that you take the necessary precautions to detect and stop these attacks before they do any significant damage to your business.

Since 2008, PraHost is aiding their clients in detecting and alleviating DDoS attracts, even before they develop a strong hold on the servers. We keep investing in the latest security technologies to ensure that our clients are safeguarded from the most despicable activities on the internet. Our Anti-DDoS system has three essential steps - Analysis, Mitigation and Reporting.

Some of the features of PraHost Anti-DDoS System are:

  • Analyze network to detect and block all incoming DDoS attacks.
  • Devise mission-critical strategies and de-route to stop emerging threats
  • Speed up the response system to DDoS attacks to prevent them from recurring and jamming the network
  • Make use of real-time security measures to prevent illegal botnet communications
  • Alleviate volumetric DDoS Attacks
  • Filter real traffic from illegal traffic to stop costing you money in terms of bandwidth charges.

HP Proliant DL320e

  • Processor
    Intel Xeon E3 1240
  • RAM
    8GB DDR3
  • Hard Disk
    2x 500GB SATA2
  • Bandwidth
    20TB Premium
    1 Gbps Dedicated Port
Upto 500Gbps attack protection

€ 599/month

HP Compaq 8200

  • Processor
    Intel Core i7-2600
  • RAM
    8GB DDR3
  • Hard Disk
    2x 500GB SATA2
  • Bandwidth
    20TB Premium
    1 Gbps Dedicated Port
Upto 500Gbps attack protection

€ 569/month

PraHost DDoS Protection - Behind the Scenes

It is vital to understand that DDoS attacks are of various types and there is no one solution fits all strategy to fight against such attacks. First, it is important to identify and incoming attack, then to identify its type. Only after the type of an attack is detected it can be mitigated.

When you sign up for PraHost Anti-DDoS, you will be asked to ascertain a group of IP addresses in your network. We will take these IPs and set them up for mitigation and analysis. The PraHost threat detection system will monitor the complete network traffic concurrently by implementing SAPS (statistical analysis of packets) at the edge of the network.

In case an incoming attack is identified, the network traffic will immediately be routed to the PraHost Anti-DDoS System, which is a specialized piece of hardware which is committed to initiating automatic DDoS countermeasures depending on the type of the incoming attack.

During the automatic counter measures process, all the network traffic will get clogged at the border layer and everything from real traffic to illegitimate traffic will be filtered and only some real traffic will be allowed to pass to reach your server. This will keep happening for as long as the DDoS attacks are set in motion, once they die down. The network object, which was artificially created as a part of the mitigation process will be removed and the traffic will be rerouted and begin flowing as usual. In case the PraHost Threat Detection system identifies another incoming threat, the same process will be repeated.

PraHost Anti-DDoS System Advantages

Many web-hosting providers do not use an advanced Anti-DDoS system to safeguard their network. Thus, in times of DDoS attacks, such providers are unable to handle the large attackys on their servers, which in the end hampers their customers. Such uncontrollable attacks may have a very negative impact on your business and sometimes there is so much of loss, that it is irrecoverable in real time.

The PraHost Anti-DDoS System can be initiated in a matter of minutes without the need for any DNS changes.

Dedicated Anti-DDoS Systems costs thousands of dollars and we at PraHost invest in the latest measures to ensure that you are safeguarded from the most mainstream attacks as well. We also upgrade our networking equipment along with the Anti-DDoS systems due to compatibility issues and hire specialized DoS administrators who are adept at handling DDoS mitigation issues to monitor our servers 24x7x365 days.


When we say that our dedicated servers are fully customizable, we mean it - From the choice of Operating System to mainstream hosting equipment, everything falls under your discretion. After your server is setup, you can manage your dedicated servers the way you want and work towards your business milestones.

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