Metered & Unmetered Bandwidth

Buy Dedicated Servers with unshared metered & unmetered 1Gbps & 10Gbps ports with the maximum speed at fixed monthly cost.

Types Of Bandwidth Metered & Unmetered - Dedicated Server

Bandwidth Types - 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 25Gbps & 40Gbps

Dedicated server hosting is not all about the branded equipment and industry leading hardware that forms the basic framework of your business. An incorrect bandwidth plan for your business can mean massive downtime for your servers, which would result in unquotable business loss. PraHost offers a range of metered, unmetered, 100TB, 1 GBps and 10GBps Unmetered Dedicated Servers for all kinds of business operations.

Introduction To Types Of Dedicated Server Bandwidth

Bandwidth in Internet terminology is used to describe the data transfer rate of a dedicated server. Being more specific, it refers to the amount of data a network is capable of traversing over a given period of time (normally one month). A high bandwidth dedicated server is capable of pulling seemingly strenuous, and resource intensive tasks of hosting dedicated platforms for games and applications, cloud hosting, video streaming and running websites with massive inflow of traffic, etc. Here is a breakdown of PraHost's Metered, Unmetered, 100TB and 1 GBPs Unmetered Servers.

Unmetered Bandwidth

Unmetered Servers as you must have already guessed are servers in which there is no cap on the bandwidth limit. However, you should not confuse these servers as "Unlimited" servers as the term unlimited is very deceiving. Even though, there is uncapped bandwidth in unmetered servers, there is an invisible cap, which is placed at a very high bandwidth limit. It also means that your total data transfer will be measured but just for the records.
There is different choice of ports to choose from for unmetered servers - you can select from 100 MBps, 1 GBps and 10 GBps unmetered ports, which will define the speed at which data will travel in and out of your servers. Unlike metered servers, there is no risk of paying bandwidth outage charges in unmetered servers, so you will not be getting variable monthly bills at the end of the term.

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100TB Bandwidth

Present day, large enterprises are in need of dedicated servers that offer extremely high bandwidth and faster connectivity. With the rapidly evolving internet-verse, there is a rising demand for content rich websites, heavy-duty websites like video streaming and game hosting websites. Keeping this current evolution in mind and the transition to mobile environment and requirements for servers to load at lightning fast pace; 100TB servers are the solution to all this and much more.
Our 100TB servers can be customized in various operating systems including Windows 2008 32 Bit and 64 Bit and Linux 32 Bit and 64 Bit. All our dedicated servers are housed in two well-furnished leased datacenter facilities in Netherlands and Germany. Each 100TB server will be connected to a 1 GBps port and with our supreme network connectivity, we can guarantee unmirrored latency.

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Metered Bandwidth

In simple terms, Metered dedicated server's means that the bandwidth is restricted to a particular amount, and you have to pay for any additional bandwidth usage. Metered servers are entitled to a specific amount of measured bandwidth over a period of time, in our case - one month. This bandwidth is measured in the form of Gigabytes. You can select servers ranging from 5TB to 100TB bandwidth every month. In case you happen to exceed your overall bandwidth, you will have to pay a very nominal fee of € 0.7 per GB exceeded.
There is a choice of ports for metered servers that will decide the speed at which data will travel in your network. You can choose from 100 MBps, 1GBps and 10GBps ports.

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1Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth

Yes! 1 GBps Unmetered Bandwidth is exactly what you are thinking off. If you are in need of a high quality bandwidth dedicated server and think that 100TB servers will not be able to do you any good - PraHost 1 GBps Unmetered Bandwidth Servers is your key to supreme speed and uninterrupted bandwidth. You can use as much as you want without having to worry about any risk of dynamic monthly bills.
PraHost 1GBps unmetered dedicated server in priced very low compared to other hosting providers and in spite of the low price, we can deliver quality bandwidth for all kinds of businesses.

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