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Data Centers

PraHost has two leased and completely furnished and well-maintained data center facilities in Netherlands and Germany.

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Data Centers

PraHost has two leased datacenter facilities in Netherlands (EvoSwitch Datacenter, Amsterdam) and Germany (Avaya Databurg, ). In spite of leasing the datacenters we put complete emphasis on our dedicated servers layout, topology and maintaining an optimal hosting environment. This is turn helps us in providing next level security and total resilience to our clients.

Secure, Reliable, Extremely Connected and Updated Datacenters

A great datacenter is not made from the collaboration of branded equipment and state-of-the- art infrastructure. But, a datacenter is great if all these equipment and infrastructure work in complete sync to give you the results that you demand. This is what PraHost datacenters really focus on - The action instead of the words.

Our network has been fabricated to house the dynamic clients demanding surpassed quality of dedicated hosting experience. Our N+2 Redundancy lets us keep the network on a self-heal mode all throughout the year without any significant interruptions in connectivity.

PraHost prioritizes the provision of top-quality internet connectivity and performance of its servers to its clients. We have tied up with LeaseWeb, which is a world renowned premium IaaS providers and have connections with Tier-1 bandwidth providers across Europe and United States which ensures that you get fast connections at minimal latency possible. Our direct connections with Level3, AT&T, Verizon, Global Crossing and many more helps us provide our clients with unmirrored dedicated server hosting experience through our datacenters in Germany and Netherlands.

Our Datacenters, even though they are leased, are ISO certified and offer a supremely secure environment. Access to private areas of the datacenters is limited to technical staffs and engineers only. There is 24x7x365 Camera Surveillance and all key areas are blocked by double doors, biometric access, fingerprint scanners and manned by security guards who work in 12 hour shifts. We have technicians around the clock who are up and running so that any hardware issue can be resolved at the earliest without any downtime.

PraHost power systems can be attributed by impossible capacity for fault tolerance and flexibility at every layer. All the incoming services are routed to an automatic transfer switch which filters the network for power quality and spontaneously transfers the data to out redundant generators if they are needed. We have multiple UPSs at each of our data center facilities which can be attributed by several redundant battery cabinets that can be used in times of emergency or upgrades without any interruption in the service.

Each of our datacenters in Germany and Netherlands has reserve generators that are on standby to be employed on any dire occasion. These generators are capable of powering the entire facility for more than 4 hours before they require re-energizing. Our technicians test-run these generators at regular intervals to make sure they are prepared for any uneventful happenings in future.

Along with total power control in our datacenters, we also have a comprehensive temperature control systems. Not only are the facilities monitored for optimum level of humidity and heat but they are also monitored for any dust or particle accumulation. The air filtering systems which monitor dust and other foreign particles are capable of doing so automatically in a matter of minutes through ventilation ducts.

  • 99.98 % Network Core Uptime
  • Redundant Core Routing | Cisco CRS-1 & Juniper MX-960 3D
  • Multiple 10GigE transit and peering uplinks
  • Transit Providers: Level3, Telia Sonera, Global Crossing, Tata Telecommunications, Deutsche Telekom, Cogent
  • Internet exchanges: AMS-IX, LINX, DE-CIX, and 15 other in Europe and US, multiple private peers Full IPv6 support with native connectivity



Relayed on a framework of 1.5GBps Ethernet connections which are interconnected to multiple Tier 1 Internet Service providers. When it comes to hosting and routing equipment, PraHost settles for nothing but the leading players in hardware like Cisco, HP, Dell, Juniper and Intel.


PraHost uses a smart routing protocol to provide its clients with lightning fast and foolproof routing experience. We are connected to most major internet hubs across US and Europe so we are able to provide our clients with blazing fast speed at lowest latency.


When it comes to backup and replace, we have an N+2 network upgrade plan. So whenever there is an equipment failure or crash, we are able to replace it in a matter of minutes if not hours.


We guarantee our Terms of Service and our Altruistic Support along with every server we sell. We will never breach our SLA (Service Level Agreement) so you can be rest assured that neither you nor your customers will ever regret the choice of dedicated servers you make today.


We have a team of certified and trained engineers and technicians who from the integral part of our support system. They will go out of their way to help you out for any information you need, be it billing or be it technical knowhow to run a server or customize and select it.


Our data center facilities are ISO certified and are safeguarded with the most modern surveillance techniques. These include biometric access controls, finger print scanners, double door locks, auto-locking cabinets, security cameras and security guards who work in 12 hour shifts.


We are masters in our field so you do not have to be masters in dedicated hosting to pair up with us. We offer a range of easy to setup dedicated servers and we will manage the servers for you if it is required. Along with all this, we also give you our exceptionally powerful cPanel software which will make the intricate process of server management a piece of cake.

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Custom Dedicated Servers

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our standard dedicated server packages that means you are looking for specialized DS solutions. You can get in touch with our IT experts to design a custom server solution that perfectly fits your business model - be it in terms of bandwidth and speed or in terms of budget. Every server you see on this website can be customized according to your requirements.

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