Custom Branded Dedicated Servers

Performance based servers from top brands like HP, DELL & IBM to meet the most demanding IO intensive and processor intensive workloads.

Branded Dedicated Servers - Server Hosting Europe

Branded Dedicated Servers in Europe

PraHost makes use of hardware and routing equipment from leading players in the industry like Dell, HP, IBM, Intel and Cisco to offer a range of reliable and super fast branded servers, that can provide your online business the much-needed thrust.
For improving the brand Image of your company and ensuring robust performance of your website, renting branded dedicated servers from PraHost are the best choice you can make.

Why go for Branded Dedicated Server Hosting - Adding Exclusiveness to Your Business, Online Presence

Why go for Branded Servers when ordinary servers are available at lesser price? If this question is hovering in your mind then below are some of the reasons that would help change your perception:

# Branding

It would create more impact in the mind of your potential clients or customers when they would spot that your company's server itself hosts your website. Letting customers know that you have a dedicated server that has your company's name on it, instills a sense of trust among them. So, why not make a statement by getting a Branded Server? And, this is the reason we are here to provide the same.

# Security

With the power of LeaseWeb on your side, there is no way your website is going to underperform. Coupled with our branded hosting and routing equipment, it is a guarantee from PraHost that our branded servers are built for performance. Your company's website would never face any crisis. So, those were the three prime reasons that you can consider for choosing a Branded Server.

# Performance

We have our own battery backup systems that are able to run our entire infrastructure for over 48 hours, which is more than enough for standard power outages. Our generators are fully automated - they are instructed to run automatically within 10 seconds of any power failure. We even have our own powerful UPS systems which are able to protect all our servers from any power overload or critical load issues.

Offering Customized Dedicated Hosting Solution at PraHost

Tailored made solutions are the need of the hour. Based on your business requirements, our experts will guide you to get the most appropriate solution in the form of dedicated servers that has your company's brand name on it. No matter if, your website needs a bandwidth of 100TB or you are just looking for unmetered servers, we can offer almost every kind of solution. We also recommend server processors as per the need of your website, so that the server does not get overloaded in the end.
In short, when you sign a deal with PraHost, you can be rest assured that the integrity of your business is in the right hands. Our service expands over our support and we continue to server you whenever you need any assistance.