Flexibility and Scalability

Highly customizable dedicated servers by PraHost to handle the most processor-intensive and disk I/O-intensive workloads with on-demand provisioning.

How Dedicated Server Work - Basics of a Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server, How it Works

With PraHost's Dedicated Hosting, you can enjoy the complete benefits of dedicated servers. We ensure that your hardware is in the best condition. Unlike other companies, we don't offer virtualized dedicated servers and thus you can enjoy the full capacity of the server.
Our dedicated servers and routing equipments are taken from enterprise-class hardware leading brands like Cisco, Dell, HP and Intel.

This insures the safety and long life of all your servers. To add to this, all our hardware come with an extended warranty of 3-years. It also means that in case of any hardware failure, our technicians will have the issue resolved, and hardware restored in 24 hours without any extra costs.

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  • Automatically identify the best matching server in the data center.
  • Automatically audit the basic hardware in the server.
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  • Remotely format server.
  • Install selected operating system components.
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  • Automatically apply network settings and route IP space.
  • Automatically deploy all auxiliary services.


  • Notify a tech to double-check everything.
  • We will send you the login details.

Let us Take Care of the Hardware!

We can offer Dedicated Servers along with our hosting services in the area of environmental differences management. We offer full management of the server in our fully Managed Dedicated Server. As your Dedicated Server experts, we take care of hot fixes, installation of security patches, backups and more. You also have option to do all this yourself with our Unmanaged Dedicated Server. We offer you complete relevant information to carry out all these activities yourself. In this case, Business Connect will just provide hardware, network and power supply management. Mixed forms are also possible to enjoy the mix of security, availability and the price. Feel free to get in touch with us for detailed information.

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Dedicated Server Components

  • 1Rack mountable Chassis
  • 2Motherboard
  • 3Power Supply Unit
  • 4RAM Memory
  • 5RAID Controllers
  • 6CPU Cooling Fans
  • 7Internal Wiring
  • 8Hard Drive(s)

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