Europe Custom Dedicated Servers

Customize them with a wide choice of RAM, SSD hard drives and bandwidth options to match your business needs.

Custom Dedicated Server - Customizable Server Hosting

Customizable Dedicated Server- For specific needs

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our standard dedicated server packages that means you are looking for specialized dedicated server solutions.
PraHost's high-end customizable servers allow you to create optimal configurations for all critical requirements. They are perfect for managing large databases as well as high performance computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), virtualization, IoT, etc.

You can get in touch with our sales team to design a custom dedicated server solution that perfectly fits your business model - be it in terms of hardware, bandwidth and speed or in terms of budget.
Every dedicated server can be customized according to your requirements. Choose the best dedicated servers, networking and storage to build a custom hosting solution using hardware from top players in the industry like Dell, HP, Cisco, Juniper and Intel, addition to this, there is an option for load balancing measures for your servers at a very nominal cost. This will give your dedicated server, flexibility and possible maximum uptime. You can also add custom firewalls to your servers to give them superfluous protection.

# Loadbalancers
for dedicated server

Loadbalancing in layman terminology means the distribution of visitors between your servers. So if a server is getting huge traffic, the load balancer will evenly distribute and send some traffic to another server that is barely being used, thereby "balancing the load" on one server.
Loadbalancers are by far the best way for keeping an uninterrupted flow of traffic in the network. They can maximize the availability of your servers by improving the way your server resources are used. As your server starts to receive more traffic than expected, the demand increases and load balancers can automatically add new servers to an existing pool and divert all incoming traffic to the new server.

# Hardware Firewall
Secure hosting

A firewall in simple terms constitutes a set of programs that are located at the gateway of any network, which protect the resources of the network from illegitimate approach of other users from different networks.
A firewall, which works in collaboration with the routers, will examine every piece of information that travels in and out of your server. After scrutiny of a network packet, the firewall will determine whether to let it pass to its destination or stop it from entering or exiting the server.

# Firewall

We have our own battery backup systems that are able to run our entire infrastructure for over 48 hours, which is more than enough for standard power outages. Our generators are fully automated - they are instructed to run automatically within 10 seconds of any power failure. We even have our own powerful UPS systems which are able to protect all our servers from any power overload or critical load issues.

So in all probability you can build a dedicated server, which you want, and if you need you can take suggestions from our support. If you want to upgrade an existing server, you can even do so with a few minor adjustments. If you do not know what to choose, you can simply tell us your requirements, and we will give you a dedicated server built to withstand your demands.