Offshore Dedicated Server

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Offshore Dedicated Server

An offshore dedicated server based web hosting engagement comes with distinct benefits, which can help enable great outcomes for your business, apart from driving cost efficiency over the long run. Offshore dedicated hosting also offers highly empowering and enabling resources for your business. Whether it's the 100% exclusive access to server resources, dedicated support, near 100% up-times, world class security, and the best of service level agreements - you get the best of all worlds with dedicated servers.

Dedicated offshore servers offer unmatched scalability, as you can add more storage and computing power as you need, with turnaround times as little as in few minutes. Web businesses have all the reasons to look towards European dedicated servers, because they enable them to deliver their web content quickly to a significant proportion of the audience. With our offshore dedicated servers in Netherlands and Germany, we ensure that your audiences in EMEA and Asia access your content super quickly.


Netherlands Server

Located at EvoSwitch datacenter in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Servers comes with 3 different bandwidth plans to choose with 24x7 support and customizable hardware.


Germany Server

Hosted at Telehouse datacenter in Frankfurt and Equinix datacenter in Dusseldorf, Germany. Servers are covered by our SLA and offers you 99.98% uptime.


UK Server

Hosted at level 3 datacenter in Coventry and blusesquare datacenter in Maidenhead. They are connected to multiple 10GB/s uplinks and provide 24x7 support.

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  • € 59.00 /

  • mo free setup

Unmetered Servers

100Mbit & 1Gbps Port

100Tb Servers

1Gbps Port
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What is Offshore & What Benefits Do offshore server Offer Your Business?


What offshore server hosting means

It's all in the name really; these servers are located in a country other than where you've registered your web business. More specifically, any server that's in a country with significant difference in terms of laws and practices governing web hosting services, as compared to the country where your business is registered, is an offshore server for your business. And if you're leasing in a complete offshore server, that's what you call an offshore dedicated server arrangement.


Freedom of Speech

Often, offshore dedicated hosting becomes the only viable option for businesses operating in countries with strict regulation of digital content. Web hosts in these nations are bound to disallow several niches of web content, and have to comply with take down requests issued by broadcast and telecommunications departments. Our offshore dedicated servers in Netherlands come to the rescue; Netherlands offers one of the most accommodating legal environments to promote freedom of speech, and this extends to laws governing data center operations as well. We'll be glad to offer consultancy over the kind of niches you want to operate in, and which European server will suit your requirements the most.


Complete Anonymity

Offshore dedicated server based web hosting comes with the best in terms of anonymity and identity protection for your business websites. There is no need for the submission of any paperwork to get the service contracts in place. What's more, even the payment can be done via Bitcoins (a crypto-currency), which means there's no instance when you need to divulge your identity, during the entire lifetime of the service contract. We make sure that the business engagement doesn't tread on your preference of complete anonymity.


Serve Geographically Important Audience Segments

Europe, Middle East, and Asia - the three geographies comprise of more than 75% of the world population, and are geographically proximate to each other. These 2 characteristics make Europe the hotbed of data center operations and dedicated server offerings, in the entire world. Web businesses have all the reasons to look towards European dedicated servers, because they enable them to deliver their web content quickly to a significant proportion of the audience.

European countries like Germany, Netherlands, UK and Romania the best option for businesses across the globe. We offer technologically advanced and professionally managed offshore dedicated server options, with data centers in all these aforementioned countries.