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Netherlands 100Tb Server

PraHost offers Netherland 100Tb Servers that offer 1GBps speed and 100TB Bandwidth best suited for extensive web hosting demands.

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Netherlands 100Tb Server

We had been getting too many claims from our existing clients asking us to provide 100TB Netherland Dedicated servers and hence we tied-up with LeaseWeb, which is known for its surpassed networking services all around the world. This collaboration has been beneficial on both ends - We proudly announce that Netherlands now has the speed of 1.5GBps and 100TB bandwidth at the tip of their fingers.

Transitioning into the 100TB Blazing Fast Hemisphere

You must have noticed if you went through our other pages that we keep stating that our dedicated servers our highly scalable. "Scalability" might be understood by many, but for some, it is an increasingly difficult and vague term to decipher. Dedicated servers offer the freedom of pay-as-you-go or pay-what-you-need. This allows all kinds of businesses to pay for what they want, as long as they want. This freedom from PraHost Netherland Dedicated servers allows clients to grow exponentially and expand their business, and with their business, their dedicated hosting infrastructure needs to expand too. To meet this growing demand you can transition into our 100TB Netherlands Dedicated Servers, that too in a matter of hours.

Our 100TB Netherlands Dedicated Servers cut down on your large-scale operation costs drastically and allow massive amounts of data to be distributed throughout your network at blazing fast speed. There servers are exceptional for off-site backup apps, high traffic websites, storage or heavy users of bandwidth. All our servers are housed in our leased data centers in Netherlands and every server is connected to a 1.5GBps port.
  • 1Gbps Unshared

    € 79.00 /month

    Processor RAM Hard Disk Bandwidth
    HP DL120G7 / Intel Dual Core G850 4 GB 4x 500 GB SATA2 100 TB
  • 1Gbps Unshared

    € 99.00 /month

    Processor RAM Hard Disk Bandwidth
    HP DL120G7 / Intel Xeon E3 1230 8 GB 4x 500GB SATA2 100 TB
  • 1Gbps Unshared

    € 149.00 /month

    Processor RAM Hard Disk Bandwidth
    HP DL120G7 / Intel Xeon E3 1270 8 GB 2x 500GB SATA2 100 TB
  • 1Gbps Unshared

    € 179.00 /month

    Processor RAM Hard Disk Bandwidth
    HP DL180G6 / 2x Intel Xeon E5620 8 GB 4x 1 TB SATA2 100 TB

All our 100TB dedicated servers come with free server controlpanel which is totally newbie friendly. So you can manage your servers from the ease of your computer, tablet or smartphone on-the-go. You can take over all aspects of your dedicated server from remote management, to server reboots, checking system resources, reverse DNS and many other added features.


We have taken the unbreakable vow of providing our clients with surpassed bandwidth at the lowest latency possible. To add to this, we always maintain a ready stock of redundant-equipments and hardware at our data centers to replace them in a timely fashion, in case there is a dire call.

Our connections with the leading Internet Exchanges in multiple locations around the world help us in providing the lowest latencies and highest data transfer rates to our clients. With over 100 GBps of Internet Connectivity on a Juniper and Cisco based routing optimized network that is monitored by our selfless technicians, we offer next-level managed dedicated servers with 100TB bandwidth in Netherlands.

Few Facets of PraHost, Which Our Existing 100TB Clients Appreciate

Our 99.98% Server Uptime Guarantee - Unbreakable Vow

Server up-time is crucial for all businesses, but considering the exceedingly high resource allocation of 100TB servers, even 10 minutes of network downtime can mean a big deal for our clients. Our commitment and resilience for coping up with our 99.9999% guarantee has taken most of our clients by surprise already. Not sure? Try us and get surprised.

Protecting Your Priceless Data Beyond All Measures

At PraHost we take the security of our clients' data on our servers very strictly. We have a range of mainstream security measures at all our data centers, from bio metric access controls to security guards and camera surveillance. Our broad security and backup measures help in safeguarding the sensitive data of our clients on our servers, thereby abolishing all business risks.

24x7x365 Days Support and 1 Day Extra For Leap Years!!

Not only do our 100TB servers come with around the clock support, but in fact all our services do. Yes! We do not take holidays, and we do not sleep (rolling eyes) - no we just work in shifts so that you never have to wait for a long time to get your queries answered. Our certified technicians will be able to zero-in on your problems and locate the issue in a matter of minutes and resolve them.

Advantages of PraHost Netherlands 100TB Servers

If you are transitioning from a low bandwidth server to Netherlands 100TB Servers, the main question for many people would be the transition time. Well, we assure your entire server will be upgraded in a matter of an hour, at most. Lowest possible network downtime for server upgrade guaranteed.

With our completely automated server employment program, your own 100TB dedicated server will be up and running in a matter of 1-24 Hours. We understand the importance of time and know how to use it well.

All our servers are equipped with equipment from leading industry players like Cisco, Dell, Intel and Hp. This is enough to guarantee reliability and performance whenever you want.

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