Server Management Panel - IPMI

A web-based interface and IPMI access by PraHost to reboot, reinstall dedicated servers, boot into rescue mode and review your bandwidth usage.

Bare Metal Dedicated Server Features

Dedicated Server Features - by PraHost

PraHost Client Portal is an easy-to-use, web-based service that lets you manage your entire hosting infrastructure via one single interface. It gives you complete control over the dedicated server you have purchased from us and gives you total access to your account information.

Feature Available For

  • Dedicated Server Netherlands
  • Dedicated Server Germany

The features in the services pages enable you to view the details of your servers hardware, reboot them, view bandwidth usage, set threshold notifications, reinstall dedicated server with your preferred operating system or control panel, and much more.

Controlling Bare Metal and Dedicated servers with PraHost.


Dedicated Server details

From the Server Details Tab, you can view the technical details like hardware information along with server hostname, primary & additional IPs, server boot status and the initial credentials of your dedicated or bare metal servers.


Start your Dedicated Server in rescue mode

You can reboot your server in rescue mode if your operating system fails to boot. You can then try to resolve the issue (like reset Windows admin password, Linux root password or change firewall rules) or back-up your data before initiating a re-installation.


Reinstalling a Dedicated or Bare Metal Server OS

As PraHost regarding the Dedicated and Bare Metal servers we deliver IaaS. Through the actions panel you are able to perform (re)installations on those servers in different ways.
During installation all data on your server will be wiped, and cannot be recovered. If you want to save any of the data please backup before installing.


Powercycle or reboot your dedicated server

Powercycle will immediately disconnect power from the server and power up the server again. Use powercycle only when you have no access to the server to perform a cold reboot.
PraHost cannot be held accountable for any data loss during a server powercycle, A powercycle does not shut down applications gracefully and can result in data loss.


Network Information - view the bandwidth uses

Under network information you can view datagraphs with in- and outgoing bandwith/datatraffic for current and last month.


IP Address list & Reverse DNS

Here you can view the IPs that are assigned to your dedicated server. You can also change the reverse lookup for an IP. Format:
The configuration of PTR resource records to identify servers by reverse query is strictly an optional part of the DNS standard implementation.