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PraHost offers custom tailored managed dedicated hosting solutions for both SMBs and Large Enterprises.

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PraHost offers unbelievable response time and Altruistic Support with all its dedicated servers. It does not matter if you are an eCommerce storeowner or an online gaming portal; we have custom fit managed solutions for anything dedicated. We are armed and ready to deliver unmirrored SLA for all your mission critical needs.

When server downtime is not an option, PraHost is the name to bank upon. We take utmost pride is displaying our range of managed server solutions which are best suited for enterprise gaming, video directories and other such resource intensive ventures.

DDoS Protection

PraHost's advanced DDoS protection is delivered as a service at the edge of your network and mirrors the requirements and measures that are required for the smooth running of your business. Our services help mitigate the DDoS attacks of various forms and sizes.

cPanel Managed Server

cPanel or User control panel is a web based tool which helps users manage their hosting account effectively though a simplified graphical user interface. With the PraHost cPanel management, users can easily undertake server management activities easily without any technical knowledge.

Managed Servers

Fully managed cpanel dedicated hosting
with 24x7 support from PraHost.

Starting from € 49.00


Protected Servers

Upto 500Gbps DDOS protection on dedicated
servers in Germany and Romania

Starting from € 49.00


What you can do is rely on the promise of our proactive Altruistic support for ultimate speed and reliability. When selecting a dedicated hosting provider, your one wrong decision can be a total tragedy and trying to accomplish such a thing all by yourself can be extremely costly. Why be in a dicey situation when PraHost can live up to your final expectations.

Even though, infrastructure and support are essential for anything minutely related to hosting, they are mission critical for the success of your SaaS applications or websites. The performance of your application completely depends on what actually goes on behind the scenes of your dedicated servers. According to statistics, SaaS applications that offer less value but perform well are 77% more prone to going viral than those value rich applications that have shabby performance.

Present day, it is impossible to think about settling for servers with downtime, latency issues or non-responsive tech support. PraHost strives to be a different face amongst the extensive pool of dedicated hosting providers out on the Internet. Opting for these services can severely affect your business milestones. Thus, it is in our nature to find the fastest and most dependable methods for delivering the SaaS applications of our customers.

PraHost provides services that are best in industry owing to its commitment to quality. It offers Germany and Netherlands servers from some of the top brand name of technology niche like Intel, Cisco and HP. Our dedicated servers are capable of rendering top notch service to the clients.

Custom Dedicated Servers

Cannot find what you are looking for? Get your custom dedicated server designed in a matter of minutes through our customer support.

Request your custom server
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