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PraHostís SLAs assure added security levels for your servers, and are especially best for businessí that require max performance and uptime.

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PraHost SLAs guarantee advanced security for all your servers. It is invaluable for online businesses that require the highest levels of defense and performance along with uninterrupted server uptime for all their demanding applications and websites.

Profound Service Level Agreement For Businesses

We believe in 'Service before support.' This goes on to mean that we want to serve you even before you have decided to pact with us. All our bare metal servers are sheltered under our Basic Service Level Agreement, serving the following essential components at no added cost.

Hardware Replacement SLA

PraHost guarantees that during the time of a dedicate server hardware failure incident, the defective or malfunctioning hardware will be replaced within 24 hours of recognizing the problem. In an event that this guarantee is not fulfilled, PraHost will issue a compensation of 10 times the actual bandwidth lost during the downtime which will be taken from our service logs. However, the amount will not exceed the actual monthly charge of the client. This time does not encompass the additional setup and maintenance time that maybe required for hardware.

Network Uptime SLA

PraHost guarantees 99.9999% network uptime SLA. This confirms that all the important routing equipment is within the reach of our network from world-wide internet all the time.

Limitations of the Network SLA

We guarantee a 99.9999% server network uptime, but it should be taken into considerations that there are things, which are beyond our control and therefore there is a need for these Limitations of the network SLAs.

Hardware Maintenance

Due to the material nature of hardware, it may need maintenance or replacement on rare occasions. PraHost will do everything in its scope to minimize the downtime caused by this maintenance. Any downtime that you might face due to this maintenance is not covered by our Network SLA.

Scheduled Network Maintenance

Network maintenance is required from time to time so as to avoid server downtime at unexpected times. PraHost will do everything in its scope to minimize the downtime caused by the Scheduled Network Maintenance. Any downtime caused by the maintenance is not covered by our Network SLA.

PraHost Extended SLAs

Our Basic SLA is enough to satisfy most of our customer needs however, we offer an extended SLA to our customers who run mission-critical applications and websites which need superfast response time and SLA support. With an upgraded SLA package, you will get fast response time, access to our qualified engineers and low-hourly rates for advanced support.

PraHost offers 4 levels of SLA apart from our basic Service Level Agreement. Please take a look at the table below to understand the differences between Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of SLA.


Take a look at our Special section to find the latest trending deals on our dedicated servers. We keep giving our clients an incentive to work with us, by providing lucrative deals from time to time. Bargain servers are best for taking advantage of our previous overstocks. These types of serves best suit SMBs to Mid-Sized businesses. Please take note that Bargain Servers are subject to stock availability. Offers only apply till stocks last.

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