Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Get FREE Basic Service Level Aggrement (SLA) with our all dedicated servers in Germany and Netherlands. For guraanteed response time opt for an Extended SLA.

Service Level Agreement - Dedicated Servers

Service Level Agreement (SLA)- Secure environment for your business-critical operations

The Service Level Agreements by PraHost guarantee you extra security for your servers. They are particularly desirable for those businesses that require only the best in terms of uptime and performance for their websites and different applications.
All our Germany and Netherlands servers comes with Basic SLA at free of cost.

Overview Of Our Network

  • 99.999 % Network Core Uptime
  • 5.5 Tbps Bandwdith Capacity
  • 2.2 Tbps Peak Traffic
  • 50 PoPs Worldwide

Basic Service Level Agreement

All our bare metal servers are sheltered under our Basic Service Level Agreement, serving the following essential components at no added cost.

  • 24/7 support by highly trained and certified engineers
  • Hardware checks, including memory, processor, and hard drives
  • Replacement of broken hardware
  • Return of hardware to its original provisioned setup, including OS
  • Root password reset and boot loader repair
  • Correction of network stack issues to restore connectivity

Extended SLAs

In many cases, the Basic SLA is enough to meet the needs of the average customer. However, there are extended SLAs designed for those customers who run special websites and proprietary applications. What an upgraded service level agreement affords you is better hourly rates for advanced support, quicker response time and priority access to qualified engineers.

There are Extended SLAs that provide additional services on top of the existing Basic SLAs. An Advanced Support Option is available, which can extend the support for all SLA packages.

  • All feature of Basic SLA
  • Response time: 4hrs
  • Hardware replacement in 4hrs

Limitations of the SLAs

We guarantee a 99.9999% server network uptime, but it should be taken into considerations that there are things, which are beyond our control and therefore there is a need for these Limitations of the SLAs.

Hardware Maintenance :
Due to the material nature of hardware, it may need maintenance or replacement on rare occasions. PraHost will do everything in its scope to minimize the downtime caused by this maintenance. Any downtime that you might face due to this maintenance is not covered by our Network uptime

Scheduled Network Maintenance:
Network maintenance is required from time to time so as to avoid server downtime at unexpected times. PraHost will do everything in its scope to minimize the downtime caused by the Scheduled Network Maintenance. Any downtime caused by the maintenance is not covered by our Network uptime.

Advantage of Extended SLAs

The expansion of your business creates new needs for support and availability. As a hosting service, we appreciate such increasing demands, and try to provide services that can meet them.

Upgrading your service level agreement opens you up to faster responses, priority engineer access, reduced rates for the increased support including minutes that are freely advanced- and all at a very compelling price.

Your setup, configuration, firewalls, maintenance and OS updates can all be taken care off to create that secure environment for business sensitive operations.

We have several SLAs for the various business types to accommodate their divergent support needs.