FRA-10 - German Data Center

Best for Germany dedicated Servers. Offers 9 carriers and numerous connectivity options to 16 IXs in Europe, including the DE-CIX, AMS-IX, E-CIX, PLIX and Swiss-IX hubs.

FRA-10 Data Center Frankfurt - Dedicated Servers

TeleHouse, FRA-10 - Germany Data Center

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This is a tier 3 fully secure, one of the largest data centers in Germany that has been expanded in an area of 67000m2. It is based in Frankfurt and is accredited to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and IDW PS951. It offers excellent connectivity along with highest standard facilities.

Our data center in Frankfurt offers you access to get connected to our LeaseWeb network through the DE-CIX and Europe's largest internet exchanges by providing ample space to grow in a broadly connected and secure environment. FRA-10 carries excellent environmental control systems and expandable power options that ensure continuous availability of your data.

# Green

The data center solely relies on water power and is certified as 100% Green Energy user With this, our customers also get help in their green credentials by getting their carbon footprint reduced.

# The certification
for compliance

The FRA-10 abides all the conditions stated in the ISO 27001, SOC 1 and PCI DSS. Visit the Security and Compliance section of our web portal and get information on the scope of each of these in detail.

# High

The data center premises is surrounded with high standard security fences as well as monitored constantly by video cameras. The complete facility is manned 24/7 and a strict access authorization regulation is in place.

# Power you can
rely on

At FRA-10, the power available per rack is up to 8kW (n + 1) with even more expandable options. This data center is ready for everything with battery backup of 21MVA uninterrupted emergency power and N+1 redundant UPS supported supplies. If in any case there is power failure in national grid, it can still be kept in operations up to three days with the use of diesel generators.