The Standard network includes more transit providers and better speed to those hard to reach providers on the Internet. PraHost can meet all your network requirements - depending on the type of application you are hosting with us
The Standard network is built to fit the requirement of customers with demanding applications which require fulll redundancy and the ability to leverage latency, international routing performance, and an overall faster and reliable network experience. The Standard network integrates a robust network Service Level Agreement, and several uplinks to accomplish outstanding performance and reliability.
The usage of multiple best quality Tier1 transit providers, diverse private and public peering allows us to always use the best available path with the lowest latency and highest connection quality, thus bypassing any network congestions. The typical Standard network segment is equipped with two Cisco routers, each one connected to different core routers via separate physical connections, and uses both gateway and uplink redundancy to ensure non-stop routing and reachability.